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NDcisive Games is the video game development project run by Zach Smith. It was created by Sam Reid and Zach Smith in 2014 at Global Game Jam in Atlanta, Georgia.

Competing at various game jams across the state since then, NDcisive has had many different members come and go over the years.

The NDcisive Team Lists

Little Man's Wonderland
Sam Reid
Keith Rice
Amanda Smith
Carter Smith
Zach Smith

Try Fail Fall
Christopher Horton
Tim James
Archer McNeil
Sam Reid
Zach Smith

Stigma Smash
Ryan Drumm
Burton Posey
Zach Smith
Eric Watson
Connor Welbourn

Tim James
Sam Reid
Nathan Smith
Zach Smith

Tim James
Lauren Mawhinney
Linni Miller
Meagan Sabo
Trenton Shell
Zach Smith
Charles Taylor

You Solve My Puzzle
Aaron Wilson
Zach Smith

Cube Party!
Steven Coffey
Chalen Duncan
Aaron Krumnaker
Ilya Polyakov
Zach Smith https://ndcisivegames.itch.io/control
Ali Yildirim

Ahmet Gencoglu
Zach Smith